Every Friday, salsa and Bachata lovers from all over the Netherlands came to Club Mystique. Also our fellow dance teachers, Latin artists, show teams and Dutch celebrities.

There were regular performances, shows and demonstrations by local and international groups. Club Mystique also had a very good international reputation which resulted in salsa and bachata lovers from all over the world visiting MSTQ.

The masters on the one's and the two's

The resident salsa café dj's

club Mystique was known for many reasons, one of which was its selection of top international-level DJs. Most of them also played almost weekly at all kinds of salsa conventions worldwide. But they always came home to Club Mystique.

 A special mention and thanks also to:

Papa en Mama Salsa,
Leendert, Helena, Etienne, Jose, Diana, Randy, De Heren security,
Jarod, Cor, Brie
dj Mike, dj Daaf, dj Tinta, dj Mixto, dj Abdeloo, dj Suman dj Sergio dj Mulato, dj Rafi
Kelly for creating all the playlists during Covid in 2021